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Our Chemistry Tutors in China


Our team of Chemistry tutors is the most qualified in China; Certified teachers, Ph.D. and Master's in Chemistry are ready to work with you.


Joseph Jiang has earned his BS in Chemistry and BA in Physics with a minor concentration in mathematics from Central Washington University, USA. He has earned his high school diploma in China. Therefore, he has experienced both eastern and western education systems. He has a good understanding of both teaching systems and is able to combine them, and he can adjust his teaching style according to each student’s unique situation. His education experiences require him to be fluent in both English and Chinese.


Joseph is passionate about teaching and helping others with his expertise. He graduated with a cumulative GPA 3.98/4.00, which indicated his strong learning ability.His working experiences reveal his proficient teaching ability. While pursuing his undergraduate degrees, Joseph has worked as an individual tutor in the school library for two years. He has tutored for college-level chemistry, physics, and mathematics. In addition, he has worked as a chemistry teaching assistant in Chemistry Department for more than a year. For this job, he was responsible to deliver a brief pre-lab lecture, supervise the lab session, and grade lab reports every week for more than twenty students.   With these teaching/tutoring experiences, Joseph is confident and prepared to offer efficient and valuable tutoring sessions to tutees with varied backgroundsup to college-level.

Aishwarya Math, Biology and Chemistry

Currently studying Medicine (MBBS) at Tongji University, Aishwarya accredits herself as a student-focused Science tutor, specializing in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics concepts. With over four years of experience from tutoring IB Biology and Chemistry (SL and HL), as well as IGSCE, Aishwarya has developed an effective and diverse science-based curriculum. Aishwarya is skilled at not only motivating and engaging with students, but also at creating specified lesson plans that will target a student’s specific needs. In addition, Aishwarya has been teaching English to migrant kids located in Shanghai for two years.

Alex Biology, Chemistry, Math and Physics

Alex is a well-rounded and highly motivated individual who is currently obtaining a Bachelor of Medicine, as well as a Bachelor in Surgery at Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University. Prior to pursuing a medical degree, Alex attended the Shanghai Community International School (SCIS), where he was awarded as an AP Scholar with Honor Award, having scored a 5 on each of the following AP exams: Biology, Calculus, Physics, Mandarin, Chemistry, and Psychology.


Alex believes he has the ability to motivate students facing academic difficulties. Experienced in analyzing students’ academic strengths and weaknesses, he plans on tailoring individual lesson plans that will maximize the students’ learning potential. Alex has a background in tutoring students in Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Geometry, Calculus (including AP and/or IB), Art and Literature.

Gerard Math, Chemistry and Physics

Gerard is pursuing a master’s degree in  Structural Engineering at Tongji University, Shanghai. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the UPC in Barcelona (GPA: 9.4 out of 10).

Gerard also has an IB Diploma with Math HL and Chemistry HL as his best grades. As a former IB student, Gerard has profound knowledge of the grading styles, mark schemes, Internal Assessments, and Extended Essays. Gerard has more than three years of experience in private tutoring. He is an expert at teaching Math (HL), Physics (HL), and Chemistry (HL).

Fatima Math, Biology & Chemistry

Fatima is studying medicine at Tongji University.


Even at her young age Fatima has vast experience in private tutoring. She has previously tutored Math, Chemistry, and Biology at the high school level. She has 4 years of experience tutoring students from primary level up to high school. In Shanghai, Fatima has tutored: IB Math SL, IB Chemistry SL & HL, AP Chemistry, IB Biology HL & SL and all the sciences for IGCSE.


Fatima can speak fluently Spanish, English, and Arabic plus basic French.

Nicolas Math, Chemistry and Physics

Nicolas is studying his master’s in Civil Engineering at Tongji University. He also has a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Harbin Engineering University. Nicolas is fluent in English, Spanish and Chinese and has broad experience in tutoring students from different backgrounds and academic levels.


Nicolas has more than three years of experience tutoring Math, Chemistry, and Physics at Middle school, IGCSE, AP and IB levels.

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