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Private tutors in shanghai

In selecting a tutor, our priority is education credentials, but we also ensure the that the tutor has the ability to generate rapport with the student, has an approachable personality, is compatible with the profile of the student and is committed to fulfill the length of the program.


If you are looking for a tutor with great personality, experience in tutoring in China, excellent life habits and someone who could be a role model for your child, then you are in the right place.


Math & Physics

Esther has a Master’s degree in Architecture (graduating with honors) from Polytechnic University of Madrid. She has over nine years (2 in Shanghai) of experience tutoring students from the primary level up to University.


Esther can tutor all levels of Math including IGCSE Math and IB Math HL/SL, IGCSE Physics, IB Physics SL and Spanish. She likes to motivate her students and to increase their interest as much as possible, working together to reach their goals.



Roeland has a PhD in Environmental Science and Engineering from Fudan University, he also has a Master in Chemistry from the University of Amsterdam.


Roeland is currently teaching IB and IGCSE level chemistry in an international school in Shanghai Roeland has more than 1,200 hours of teaching experience in China at high school level. Before, he taught IGCSE and A-level chemistry at Shanghai Experimental School; He is also responsible for the revision and crash courses in IGCSE and IB Chemistry (SL & HL) for SET.


Due to his professionalism and knowledge about IGCSE, A-levels and IB Roeland is one of the most popular chemistry tutors in Shanghai.


Math, Chemistry, and Physics

Nicolas is studying his master’s in Civil Engineering at Tongji University. He also has a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Harbin Engineering University. Nicolas is fluent in English, Spanish and Chinese and has broad experience in tutoring students from different backgrounds and academic levels.


Nicolas has more than three years of experience tutoring Math, Chemistry and Physics at Middle school, IGCSE, AP and IB levels.


Math and Physics


Valentine is in the last year of her bachelor in Applied Physics (top three of the class). She has perfect grades in courses such as: Calculus, Linear Algebra, Mathematical Physics, Electrodynamics, Atom Physics and Thermodynamics.


Due to the ease she has with mathematics and physics, Valentine has been tutoring junior students at her university in diverse math subjects including GMAT. Valentine is the perfect fit for young students that are finding math and physics challenging.




Nare is pursuing a Ph.D. in Psychology at Shanghai Normal University. She also holds a master’s degree in Social Psychology from the same university  & a bachelor degree in psychology from Yerevan State University. Nare has experience tutoring IB Psychology (HL & SL), A-level, and AP Psychology. 


She participated in the “Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy” training, for learning how to use the theoretical psychological knowledge and how to behave with certain types of patients during psychological therapy.


SAT & Business

Shandy holds an MBA from Monterrey Institute of International Studies in California. She also has a bachelor in Economics from the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing.


Shandy has a year of experience preparing students for the SAT.  She has also worked with several well-known English training institutions preparing the students for TOEFL tests.


Shandy has also experience in tutor IB Business (SL & HL) and IGCSE Business; Her background as an MBA makes her a perfect fit for those who want achieve excellence in Business Studies.




Maria holds a Master in secondary teaching education as well as a bachelor's in Pedagogy and social education.


Marias has more than two years of experience as a substitute teacher; her previous work experience covers: remedial classes for students, educational guidance for students and educational and reinforcement.


As a certified secondary teacher Maria is the perfect fit for those who want to learn Spanish as a second language.


Physics, Biology and Chemistry


Tim holds a master's degree in aerospace engineering from Bristol University, UK; He is currently working as a hydraulic engineer for an aero-engine company.


Tim has tutoring experience in IB physics (HL & SL) and IB chemistry ( SL), IB Biology as well as IGCSE sciences. 

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