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What Parents need to know


Studies have shown that one-to-one tutoring aids student development in many different scenarios, and is perfect for:

  • Those who require improved grades and want to achieve academic excellence.

  • Students who struggle with organization, study methods, and time management skills.

  • Those who need a boost in a particular academic subject (e.g. mathematics or sciences).

  • Those with the desire to ace extended essays or internal assignments.

  • Students transitioning from one school to another, especially those who have recently moved overseas.


Particularly IB and AP students


The IB and AP are incredibly demanding programs and will consume a lot of student's free time. However, they are crucial to your son or daughter's future in higher education. Impressive grades at IB or AP level from an international school in Shanghai will set your child apart from the rest on college applications.

If you want your child to master all subjects, ace all assignments, write better college applications and as a result obtain acceptances from their dream universities, it is essential that all IB and AP students take tutoring sessions.

At Shanghai Expat Tutors, independent and successful students is our guarantee!

At Shanghai Expat Tutors we are delighted to take the lead in guiding your son/daughter towards becoming a top performer at school.

At Shanghai Expat Tutors, we go above and beyond what other tutoring services can provide. We identify issues before they become bad academic habits and work together with our students via our exclusive Tutor Aid programs to get to the bottom of the issue and fix it for good! We provide extensive feedback after every session and mark student's homework in great depth. This allows the student to become independent and begin to self- regulate for mistakes in their schoolwork.


Payment Methods

  • Send your driver with Cash to our office.

  • Deposit in our ICBC or Bank of China account (No invoice).

  • Deposit in China Merchants account (Plus 10% for the invoice).

  • We send a messenger to your address to collect the money.


Friends of Shanghai Expat Tutors.

Shanghai Family is the leading magazine and website for expat families in Shanghai.


The Shanghai Family website provides an essential source for current events and information, a forum for exchange and advice, and a wealth of blogs on topics ranging from food and nutrition, to health, education, and entertainment in Shanghai.


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Spanish people is well known because we are friendly, open mind, creative, interested on other cultures and we really love have fun and great life. So we are going to make our children parties according to Spanish culture. Nobody better than Spanish people in terms of doing amazing parties.


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