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Spanish Tutors in China

Please notice that we have a bigger team of experienced IB, AP and IGCSE spanish tutors, but due to respect of their full time job we do not show their profiles online.


Maria Spanish

Maria holds a Master’s degree in Secondary Teaching Education as well as a bachelor's in Pedagogy and Social Education. Maria studied in an international school in Spain where she took Spanish HL and achieve a 7.


Marias has more than two years of experience as a Spanish language teacher; She also has more than three years of experience in private tutoring Spanish for all levels. Her previous work experience covers remedial classes for students, educational guidance for students and educational and reinforcement.


As a certified secondary teacher, Maria is the perfect fit for those who want to learn Spanish as a second language.

Marisol English, French, Math and Spanish

Marisol currently attends New York University Shanghai.


Marisol is proficient in English, French, and Spanish, and has a background of teaching each language respectively. She was an English teaching assistant tasked with teaching elementary levels of English and tutoring those who have transitioned from Spanish to English communication. As a member of the French Honor Society, she maintains a knowledge of tutoring French to those with linguistic comprehension difficulties. Marisol was also a Volunteer Educational Assessor for Adults, where she tutored reading and math to illiterate adults in Spanish, and provided testing for adults to obtain a primary degree.

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