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We run the best revision courses for IGCSE in China

We run revision and review courses during the Easter and Summer holidays for IGCSE students for students in Shanghai, Suzhou & Hangzhou. These courses assist students with revision for their IGCSE exams and provide a structured review of the content and skills covered during the whole program.


Our teaching staff is fully familiar with the syllabuses and the academic standards required to achieve success in the IGCSE courses. Unsurprisingly, we are confident that those joining our revision courses will receive the very best teaching and preparation for their exams.

Learn more about our courses below.

  • 80% of our staff did the IGCSE when they were students.

  • 70% of our staff are real teachers

  • 20% of our staff are Ivy-league graduates

  • 100% of our staff have at least 5 years of tutoring experience.

  • 2017, 2016 & 2015 papers will be revised

  • Students will get a free copy of the revision guides tailored to their needs

  • Students will be grouped by their ability

  • Best price in China; 2,500 for IGCSE

  • On average our students increase their grades by 2 notches

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