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Daniel is a calm, patient and motivating tutor currently studying a Master in Design at Shanghai JiaoTong University. Previously he got an Engineering Degree from Polytechnic University in Madrid, Spain. Daniel has a great interest in education and his research in the Master is focused on how to apply Design in order to get a better way of learning and understanding.


Daniel's way of teaching is built on listening carefully to the students and helping them understand the concepts, not just memorize it, by adapting the explanations to student's life. This is a means to maximize the student's learning potential and get personalized training plans. Daniel makes a background in tutoring students in Spanish, English, Maths, Physics, and Sciences.


Ethan lived his entire life in the U.S before coming here to Shanghai to study. During high school, he managed to maintain a GPA of 3.9 or higher for all four years. As a sophomore, he was asked to tutor some seniors in math class. In his last year of high school, he attended business calculus classes at the University of Oklahoma.  Math is definitely his strongest subject to tutor in, but he would love to help people improve their English in any way possible.​

Ethan has been involved in various events volunteer events through the National Honor Society, and community outreach events to recruit the youth for the high school Speech and Debate team. He also worked as a tutor in Algebra, Precalculus, Chemistry, English and public speech and debate for upperclassmen as well as underclassmen in high school.


Ethan Graduated in the top 50 students of my 600+ student class, with a GPA of 3.9. He earned many medals through Speech and Debate including the Regional and District tournaments. During high school, he was involved in his school’s NSDA speech and debate team, as well as four musicals, five plays, and dozens of acting tournaments. As well I was the only student in his entire school district to take fourth-year Chinese.


Victor has a Ph.D. and a Master degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology. He also has a bachelor degree in Medical Instrument Engineering from the same University.


Victor has outstanding mathematics and science skills; He has 3 years of experience in teaching IB Math (HL & SL), Physics (HL & SL) as well as Sciences at IGCSE level. His excellent track record (all students have jumped 2 notches from their predicted grades) has helped him to gain popularity among the international schools community.


Victor also has 7 years of private tutoring experience with local students from GaoKao all the way up to graduate students. Victor is the perfect fit for those students looking for a senior, highly experienced and reliable tutor.


Gary is born and brought up in India, and got his BTech in Chemical 

Engineering from IIT Kharagpur, the topmost college for Engineering Education 

in India, and among the Top 300 in the world. He qualified the entrance examinations

of IIT Kharagpur which is considered to be the most difficult entrance examinations

in the world and secured a rank of 1471 among over 500,000 candidates.

Gary has secured positions among the Top 100 rankers in India

in International Maths and Science Olympiad during his school days. Since 2012

he has been working with students to help them prepare for some of the most

difficult examinations in Maths and Physics which include the entrance examinations

to top colleges in India, SAT, International Maths Olympiad, International

Science Olympiad and IB diploma examinations.

Aishwarya Math, Biology and Chemistry

Currently studying Medicine (MBBS) at Tongji University, Aishwarya accredits herself as a student-focused Science tutor, specializing in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics concepts. With over four years of experience from tutoring IB Biology and Chemistry (SL and HL), as well as IGSCE, Aishwarya has developed an effective and diverse science-based curriculum. Aishwarya is skilled at not only motivating and engaging with students, but also at creating specified lesson plans that will target a student’s specific needs. In addition, Aishwarya has been teaching English to migrant kids located in Shanghai for two years.

Alex Biology, Chemistry, Math and Physics

Alex is a well-rounded and highly motivated individual who is currently obtaining a Bachelor of Medicine, as well as a Bachelor in Surgery at Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University. Prior to pursuing a medical degree, Alex attended the Shanghai Community International School (SCIS), where he was awarded as an AP Scholar with Honor Award, having scored a 5 on each of the following AP exams: Biology, Calculus, Physics, Mandarin, Chemistry, and Psychology.


Alex believes he has the ability to motivate students facing academic difficulties. Experienced in analyzing students’ academic strengths and weaknesses, he plans on tailoring individual lesson plans that will maximize the students’ learning potential. Alex has a background in tutoring students in Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Geometry, Calculus (including AP and/or IB), Art and Literature.

Mohammad Math & Computer Science

Mohammad is currently obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from New York University. As the co-founder of Olode Community Service School, Mohammad has obtained extensive experience with handling classes, conducting tests, and motivating students. Apart from lecturing classes, Mohammad provides private tutoring lessons to AP, IB, and IGCSE students. In terms of IB and IGCSE subjects, Mohammad specializes in Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science. Moreover, Mohammad also has experience prepping students for the SAT, ACT, IELTS, and TOEFL examinations.

Esther Math & Physics

Esther has a Master’s degree in Architecture (graduating with honors) from Polytechnic University of Madrid. She has over nine years (2 in Shanghai) of experience tutoring students from the primary level up to University.


Esther can tutor all levels of Math including IGCSE Math and IB Math HL/SL, IGCSE Physics, IB Physics SL and Spanish. She likes to motivate her students and to increase their interest as much as possible, working together to reach their goals.

Valentine Math and Physics

Valentine is in the last year of her bachelor in Applied Physics (top three of the class). She has perfect grades in courses such as: Calculus, Linear Algebra, Mathematical Physics, Electrodynamics, Atom Physics and Thermodynamics.


Due to the ease she has with mathematics and physics, Valentine has been tutoring junior students at her university in diverse math subjects including GMAT. Valentine is the perfect fit for young students that are finding math and physics challenging.

Fatima Math, Biology & Chemistry

Fatima is studying medicine at Tongji University.


Even at her young age Fatima has vast experience in private tutoring. She has previously tutored Math, Chemistry, and Biology at the high school level. She has 4 years of experience tutoring students from primary level up to high school. In Shanghai, Fatima has tutored: IB Math SL, IB Chemistry SL & HL, AP Chemistry, IB Biology HL & SL and all the sciences for IGCSE.


Fatima can speak fluently Spanish, English, and Arabic plus basic French.

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