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Our Math Tutors in China

We are proud to say that we have the most skilled, experienced and knowledgable team of math tutors in China. We are constantly recruiting new talent if you require another type of math tutor, please contact us and we will show you more profiles to you!

Amos Math, Chemistry & Biology

Amos graduated from University of Pretoria in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Human Physiology. Currently he is at Fudan University studying medicine were he will graduate in the summer of 2021. He attended high school at a UK based private school in Zimbabwe where he did both his IGCSE and A levels following the Cambridge syllabus. In IGCSE he had straight As in Math, Bio, Physics and Chem. A level had 2 A* (Chem and bio) and a A in Calculus.


While doing his undergraduate studies in Pretoria Amos worked in the department of Natural science as the class tutor for Biology, Chemistry and Math. On top as working as a department peer tutor he also worked for the Teach2 Company were he was a tutor for A level math, biology and chemistry. After graduating he came to china summer of 2015 and has been taking part time jobs chemistry, biology and math tutor.


Amos approach to tutoring understands how the student assimilates information either through visual or in depth explanation of the required concept. After understanding how the student absorbs information he build up from giving them techniques on how compartmentalize information and apply it when solving problems. His approach is more of understanding the concept rather than memorizing information.

Alex Math & Physics

Alex graduated from the University of Bristol, UK in 2018 with a Master’s degree in Physics. Before university, he completed his A-Level studies in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Further Mathematics. He also did 13 GCSE including English, Math and Sciences (9 A*s and 4 A’s). Alex has been in Shanghai for 2 years and is currently teaching English at a foreign language school.


Alex is able to teach multiple subjects including Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English for a broad range of ages and abilities. He is an enthusiastic, patient and invested teacher who enjoys seeing his students progress and achieve their goals.


His teaching methods encourage his students to think creatively and intuitively. This develops a fundamental understanding of the subject matter that underpins current and future academic pursuits. Alex achieves this with the use of real-life examples and scenarios minimizing the need for repetitive memorization to maximise his students learning capacity and interest in their subject.

Randolph Math & Physics

Randolph is currently a research Assistant in the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory at Jiaotong University. He holds a Master of Mechanical Engineering from Jiaotong University as well as a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Ahmadu Bello University in Nigeria.


Randolph is an efficient mechanical engineer leveraging a strong technical and research background in bringing products from conception to mass manufacturing and an excellent researcher with a strong passion and enthusiasm for in-depth research, thus answering mind boggling questions.


Randolph has 7 years of experience tutoring Mathematics and Physics specially for the IGCSE, A-levels and IB programs. He likes to use a range of teaching methods according to the student’s learning abilities. Randolph is a great match for Math and Physics students at higher and standard levels.

Esther Math & Physics

Esther has a Master’s degree in Architecture (graduating with honors) from Polytechnic University of Madrid. She has over nine years (2 in Shanghai) of experience tutoring students from the primary level up to University.


Esther can tutor all levels of Math including IGCSE Math and IB Math HL/SL, IGCSE Physics, IB Physics SL and Spanish. She likes to motivate her students and to increase their interest as much as possible, working together to reach their goals.

Valentine Math and Physics

Valentine is in the last year of her bachelor in Applied Physics (top three of the class). She has perfect grades in courses such as: Calculus, Linear Algebra, Mathematical Physics, Electrodynamics, Atom Physics and Thermodynamics.


Due to the ease she has with mathematics and physics, Valentine has been tutoring junior students at her university in diverse math subjects including GMAT. Valentine is the perfect fit for young students that are finding math and physics challenging.

Fatima Math, Biology & Chemistry

Fatima is studying medicine at Tongji University.


Even at her young age Fatima has vast experience in private tutoring. She has previously tutored Math, Chemistry, and Biology at the high school level. She has 4 years of experience tutoring students from primary level up to high school. In Shanghai, Fatima has tutored: IB Math SL, IB Chemistry SL & HL, AP Chemistry, IB Biology HL & SL and all the sciences for IGCSE.


Fatima can speak fluently Spanish, English, and Arabic plus basic French.

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