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Getting students organized for success

Many students are lacking in their organization and study skills. For children who have weakness with internal organizational skills, the adults in their lives need to provide more external structures to help them improve these skills. Teachers and parents can provide this assistance and structure by:

1 Teaching time management/awareness

2 Calling attention to due dates

3 Assisting with prioritization of activities and workload

4 Breaking down longer assignments into smaller, manageable tasks

5 Expecting assignments to be written down consistently, teaching how to do so, and monitoring that is done.

6 Teaching and utilizing "to do" lists (writing down and then crossing out accomplished tasks)

7 Teaching standards for how to organize written tasks to be reader-friendly (e.g., awareness and use of spacing, margins, headings).

8 Helping with preparing and following schedules

As parents, teachers, tutors we want our kids to become more and more independent; however there is a undeniable responsibility of all us in order to help our students to succeed.

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