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How to help your child to feel good about education

If school is important to you, it will be important to your child. Set high expectations for your child and support your child in meeting those expectations. Stay aware of your child’s social life, activities, and schoolwork. Here some tips on how to help your child to feel good about education:

Find reasons to praise your child.

•Help your child focus on his or her strengths

•Let your child know that he or she is a valuable, capable person and that you know he or she can succeed.

Have high expectations for learning and behavior, at home and at school.

•When you expect the best, your child will rise to those expectations.

•Be a good role model for getting work done before play.

•Emphasize good study habits and a good attitude toward school. [endif]

• Praise your child for real effort and good attitudes about school work. [endif]

•Concern for correct and effective use of language As much as you can, model proper English. [endif]

•Show and model courtesy when talking with your children. [endif]

•Talk to your child, your child’s teacher often.” Ask for his behavior in class.

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